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HDPlex 800watt DCATX Power Supply

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HDPlex 800watt DCATX Power Supply

This is literally a couple of weeks old. Selling as I moved on up to the Taiko. Condition is new and will include all cables included and original packaging.

List is $278....asking $225 includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping. PayPal fee not included.


Thanks for Looking.....Mike


5/29....No longer up for sale, decided to go down a different path.


Euphony Summus Server w/ a Kecces P-8A Ultra Linear PS (used for my Roon Core). Custom HDPlex Server using a Gigabyte Designare Z390 MB, i9 9900K Processor, Apacer Mem and a DarkForce Audiophile NVMe Drive for Euphony. Custom Server & a Tailko dcatx are now being powered by Nenon’s ULPS. Server housed in a HDPlex H5 Case. Bryston BP-26 Preamp, Bryston BDA-3 Dac, Bryston 4B Cubed Amp, Sonore Sig Rendu SE, Sonore Optical Module Deluxe w/ a Uptone LPS-1.2. Uptone Audio EtherRegen w/ a Your Final System LPS. After Dark Queen Square Wave Clock w/ a Uptone LPS-1.2. Clearaudio Champion TT Level 1, JLTI Phono Stage, Totem Acoustic Mani-2 Sigs. Silversmith Audio XLR Cables to Amp, Audio Magic Interconnect, Speaker and Power Cables, Sablon 2020 USB Cable & AfterDark Ethernet Cables & Monoprice Cat 8 cables.

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