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HQPlayer settings Poll Part V Resampling filters

HQPlayer settings Part V, Resampling filters  

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Sorry, I won't list all HQP filters and invite you to vote for you favourite resampling filters ; whoever has never varied casts the first such poll... We know it depends on content, moon, mood, etc. Personally, I got bored recently of such hyped filters as Sinc L or M. In Preferences I currently have ext3 for 1x (grip, transients, most energy at both low and high extremes) and mqa mp for Nx (reveals more humanity in vocals, balance in acoustic instruments, and generate the more foot tapping even with classical). I wish to be able in the future to compare ext3 to a minimum phase filter of the same quality ; I don't think such a filter (apodizing and not rolling-off too soon with 1xis) is available at the moment.


Please note that the question addressed by this poll could belong as well to the preceding polls








HQ Player 4 Mac Mini M1

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