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Sound quality of an Audioquest Dragonfly Red via a good streamer

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I imagine the AQ Dragonfly Red is typically paired with a smartphone and cheaper headphones. I loaned my DACs to a friend for the week so have been listening to my Dragonfly on my main system via a Pro-ject Stream Box S2 Ultra streamer with an AQ Jitterbug noise filter attached as well. To my surprise, it sounds quite good. The shortcomings of the Dragonfly that I hear compared to my Denafrips Pontus II DAC are that it does not sound as full, the timbre of instruments and voices are not as warm, it's not as resolving, and it is not as clear and precise in its timing. But, what's there sounds quite enjoyable.

Has anyone else tried a Dragonfly Red with better ancillary equipment? I'm wondering if the cleaner signal coming from a dedicated streamer is boosting the sound quality of the Dragonfly Red by requiring less processing power?

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