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Hi all,

I have a silent PC running an older version of Audio Optimizer and I'm looking to upgrade. The system sounds beautiful but as always just looking for the next upgrade.


As I'm not a super computer geek I'm a bit reluctant to play (change) the current setup, can I just get another small SSD and load a new setup and swap drives? Or should I look at just better software to run from my laptop?

Or is the Audio Optimizer upgrade and easy install process?

I don't have the original window server files as I brought the machine already set up. 


Would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations.  

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Dont have to upgrade any PC. Just upgrade to Win Server 2019 Core with Audio Optimizer 3.0 and you can use your same Music playback system.

I am a beta tester for @darkforce designed NVME M.2 drive with Crystek FEMTO clocks, upgraded capacitors = see the following thread


You will get a quantum leap in Sound Quality.


Good Luck


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You did not specify your Silent PC specs. But if can run say Windows Server 2012 it may or may not run 2019. If it runs 2016, it should run 2019. Google the specs for WIndows Server 2019. 

Then you go to Highendpc.com for the Windows Server 2019 download and buy the AO3 and you get rufus USB writer software, a 16gb USB 2.0 drive and you are in business to start.


THe Sound Quality from 2019 with AO3.0 is a Quantum jump over AO2 with Server 2016.


I can help guide you through the process, if you run into trouble.


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Good advice... If I had a choice with a LPSU of high current capacity, I would have done it. 

As long as you dont oversample, overclock your PC's CPU, you can go with the few choices out there, starting with:

1. Teradek

2. HDPlex 300W, 400W Version 2 and the new 500W LPSU

3. HDPlex ATX Converter 

4. Then the budget escalates with the Sean Jacobs, Paul Hynes (Firm has gone belly up), Optimo from JCAT, 

5. The Taiko unregulated LPSU...


Or you can go the way i went- With the best commercial ATX PSU's - Corsair in my system and filter the AC and ground the Earth return. (I found a brand of Power Conditioners with Ground Earth Terminal to be espcially effective). (I daisy link this with Acoustic Revive RTP-2 Ultimate and then Grounding Boxes -- those with crystal mix in them)

Not as good as a high-end LPSU but my Corsairs have wads of high current - up to 75amp delivery. A good VRMS on my Gigabyte AORUS Ultra Z490 takes care of the receiving end.

Sounds close I hope - I can play the worst 44.1khz Hot high freq tune and still enjoy the music. So I am ok with the above.


Many paths to the Holy Grail>??

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@NZLowie If you didn't need AO to help load your dac driver then it's pretty simple to install over the existing setup, following the instructions. If you did need the AO driver assist it can be a little more work but really it should all be ok.


You can always take a backup image of the existing disk before starting, just in case. A separate ssd is a bit more work but completely safe. 


If you want any help, just send a pm.  I'm in NZ and maybe local.



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