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HQPlayer settings Poll Part IV

HQPlayer settings Part IV : delta-sigma modulators  

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Part IV addresses delta-sigma modulators (Manual, page 23)


For any of the preceding polls, we can find some technically driven suggestions by @Miska (convolution engine Add should be preferred to Save for it is lighter -- yet I prefer Save -- ; CIC SDM integrator should be a more rational choice with 128 source -- yet it's my favorite with 64 -- while any IIR is close and I don't like FIR ; Wide and Narrow SDM conversions are said by Jussi to be too close to call on the Roon forum with Wide having some rational with 128 source -- yet, with 64 sources (I don't have 128) and maybe biased by reading the Manual, I love narrow with piano since it densifies and center focus it, making it more palpable, much in the line of what PGGB does,  while I love wide with most anything else, ie drums' reverberation in Cowboy Junkies's Trinity session SACD. This being, technically driven suggestions are much stronger when it comes to modulators ; roughly : if your computer/DAC can make/take it, go ASDM7EC (5EC with Sabre DACs).

So, to make this Poll interesting I'll try to be not too straightforward... 

Multiple options are possible : ie DSD family + 512 Non EC over 256 EC

HQ Player 4 Mac Mini M1

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