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One Man’s Dream - Ken Fritz Documentary

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Here’s a follow-up video just recently posted:



CAPS Pipeline with HDPlex Linear PSU running Win10 64 bit, AO 2.0, RoonServer, HQPlayer -> T+A DAC8 DSD -> Linear Tube Audio's MicroZOTL2 Headphone Amp with Mojo Audio's Illuminati Linear PSU -> Focal Utopia/Audeze LCD-3

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I talked to Ken in 2018 about his Ampex ATR-102 tape machines after being connected with him by Nick Doshi.  Ken told me about his room and we had a very pleasant, quite long chat . I didn't think I was hearing him correctly about the dimensions of the room!  He had several Ampex ATR-102 tape recorders and many boxes of parts and accessories.  I have a couple of friends who also have ATR-102's as well as my own two.  So we went through his list of parts and equipment and made him an offer for those that we wanted.  I never heard back.  A little disappointed, but I dropped the issue.  Now I understand why.  Very sorry to hear about his ALS.  



Analog-VPIClas3,3DArm,SoundsmithZephyrII+MiyajimaZeromono,Herron VTPH2APhono,2AmpexATR-102+Doshi3.0+MerrillTridentMaster TapePreamp  Dig Rip-Pyramix,IzotopeRX3Adv,MykerinosCard,PacificMicrosonicsModel2; Dig Play-Lampi Pacific, mch NADAC, Roon-HQPlayer,Oppo105  Electronics-DoshiPre,CJ MET1mchPre,Cary2A3monoamps Speakers-AvantgardeDuosLR,3SolosC,LR,RR

Other-2x512EngineerMarutaniSymmetrical Power+Cables Music-15KRecs(90%classical),1.3KR2Rtapes,1.5KCD's,500SACDs,50TBripped files

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One man’s dream? This every audiophiles dream. Fantastic craftsmanship.

Meitner ma1 v2 dac,  Sovereign preamp and power amp,

DIY speakers with scan speak illuminator drivers.

Raal SR1a

Under development:

NUC7i7dnbe, Euphony Stylus, Qobuz.

Modded Buffalo-fiber-EtherRegen, DC3- Isoregen, Lush^2

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It's a good thing that Ken Fritz could not possibly suffer from OCD. 🙂

"Relax, it's only hi-fi. There's never been a hi-fi emergency." - Roy Hall

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." - William Bruce Cameron


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