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Digital, and Dave, on the line...

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It's SHOWTIME! http://www.lovestreetlightcircus.org/Events


My 10 year old daughter is a heart baby. Though her surgeries are complete and successful, she has only two chambers (reptilian circulation) and will remain a cardiac patient for life. The presense of Texas Children's Hospital, the largest and one of the best in the world, here in Houston played a part in our decision to move here. Agnostics and atheists feel free to scoff, but there is a God and he moves in strange and mysterious ways.


Though relatively new here, I've been a member and frequent flyer at the Klipsch Fora (mostly 2 Channel Forum). Last week I held a "Battle of the Titans" event pairing off the might Klipschorn against the Frazier Model Eleven. I won't go into that anymore but if you are interested the thread is at http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/109044.aspx. One of those attending, Paul Nussbaum, revealed that he was playing in the above referenced charity gala for Texas Children's, so he had my attention on two fronts. They were looking for volunteers in all areas and wondered if I'd be interested in helping with sound. I knew that, while perfectly sound and in line with modern professional practices, there'd be lots of mixers, mikes, etc that are totally outside both my philosophy and experience, so I'd largely have to keep my mouth shut and pull cable. While that is perfectly OK, I asked him to sound out the producer about my doing a separate, experimental high resolution surround recording. My footprint is very small, only the computer, preamp, and, of course, a prime spot for SoundCube. Partrick, the producer, sounded out Mike, the soundman, and to my shock, they went for it!


Soooo....this weekend I'll be checking out all my gear and doing environmental tests with SoundCube in preparaton for the October 19th rehearsal. I do not really understand the layout or how this works, but there are about 9 bands that will mix and match with 40 or so muscians in a fixed orchestra to perform the complete Beatles "White Album." What a DREAM! I could not be more thrilled...or apprehensive! At least nothing is riding on it since they have everything covered.


My plan at the moment will be to record 4X24/96 to MBS6 (one of my homebrew DAW's with 8 channel ESI WamiRack as A/DAC) and simultaneously feed my Korg MR-1 a 2 channel summed F/R in DSF as an "alibi" feed. That alibi feed will also test my theory that if you sum the outputs of four identical mikes FR+RR and FL+RL you may get a 2 channel matrix that Pro Logic II will resolve into a surround field.


Of course, the recordings will be the property of the foundation, and we've not even discussed what to do with any successful material, but I am sure we'll find a way to make anything worth audiophile attention available with proceeds going to TCH.


If you interested in SoundCube theory you can download my "Six Cardinal Rules of Sound Acquisition" at www.mbsdar.com.


More as it develops...




\"If it sounds good, it IS good.\" Duke Ellington

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So it passed the "cat test." Scared the heck out of my son as well. I set up SoundCube in the front yard today to do a check on everything prior to the rehearsal next week for the concert. The results were very convincing. A helicopter flew over at perhaps 2k feet and when I had my 6 year old listen to it with his eyes closed he jumped off the sofa and shouted "I thought the roof was gone!" when I played it. My wife and he were in the yard planting. Localization of their talking and other ambient noises was very precise.


SoundCube appears to deliver according to theory. I am looking forward to the rehearsal as it will be the first time I've been able to test it with music. Tomorrow I will also link in a loop out to the Korg suming L+LR and R+RR to see if Dolby PLII can resolve anything. That's a shot in the dark, but what the heck. It might work.


I don't see an obvious way to post a picture here or I would.









\"If it sounds good, it IS good.\" Duke Ellington

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