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Trust your ears

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The Thread Title (and possibly intent) is bait.


You can't debate both sides of "Trust your ears" harnessing empirical data. It's implicit in "Trust your ears" that empirical data are overridden.


In Objective-Fi, the Thread as launched ("omg i thought i could hear a difference, but i hadn't even changed input source - geddit?") is at best an echo chamber. At worst it becomes tinder for the same old tensions.


The gap between soft-Objective and soft-Subjective can/should be had out as argument. But not here.

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16 minutes ago, opus101 said:


You omitted to mention the individuals who interact with you who are simply incredulous that anyone could take themselves as seriously as you do. So they're here for the entertainment factor.


Indeed the entertainment factor is awesome - at times. Better than TV.

But I suspect it does render most of the AS "family" spectators rather than participants. It's the other side of the same coin.

Nothing wrong with a bit of excitement. Even better to foster inclusivity imho.

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23 minutes ago, Confused said:

most people are not interested in a bar fight ...  it only takes two to start a bar fight ... HiFi Wigwam forum ... has a public bar area where (much like in a UK pub), anything can be discussed.  It also has a pub car park area ... for those that just want to fight can go and have the said fight, while the normal folk remain in the bar having a civilised chat.  There might be something to learn here.


A little birdie told me that ASR used to have a "Fight Club". Doesn't exist anymore. Lesson learned there? In Amir's own words, "I don't know how to keep it civilized and have its value be above the damage it causes to relationship between members. It is as if many people become different folks the moment they participate in these discussions. Sigh."


I admit I find a little disruption (in ordinary non-Fight Club Threads) entertaining. But the far more important issue is that "bar fights" keep the regulars out ... imo the quality of Thread content is compromised in exact proportion wrt the low-grade relational crap that goes on within it.

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