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Cyrus Phono Signature Phono Pre. New USA Model with Full Warranty. What HiFi? 5 Stars!

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Cyrus Phono Signature Phono Pre. New USA Model with Full Warranty. What HiFi? 5 Stars!

Up for sale is a Cyrus Phono Signature Phono Pre. What HiFi? 5 STARS!

Phono Signature

Phono Pre Amp

110-120V 50/60Hz

New with Full Warranty

Tobacco/Pet Free:

Included are:
Phono Signature
2 Cables for MC-BUS connection
Original Sealed Packaging

Optional Power Supply PSX-R2 is available also. Pictures show the Phono Signature / PSX-R2 combo.

Our award-winning Phono Signature is lauded as one of the best phono stage at any price. The purity of the tiny signal produced from the stylus is preserved throughout the amplification journey, through a deep understanding of circuit design and our relentless pursuit of perfection.
Music produced from a well-calibrated turntable, good stylus and the Cyrus Phono Signature is surely one of the finest experiences in audio.


Type: Solid-state phono stage
Inputs: 4× RCA stereo pairs for individual cartridge inputs, multi-pin PSX-R2 input
Outputs: XLR balanced and RCA single ended stereo line level outputs, MC-Bus RCA in and out
RIAA filter accuracy: ±0.5dB
MM input sensitivity: 4mV,
MM input impedance: 47kΩ
MC input sensitivity range: 120µV-4mV
MC input impedance values: 11Ω, 16Ω, 33Ω, 47Ω, 100Ω, 150Ω, 333Ω, 500Ω, 1kΩ, 47kΩ
MC capacitive load options: 220pf, 1nF, 2nF, 3nF
Dimensions (W×H×D): 2.5×7.5×36.5cm
Weight: 4.1kg

What HiFi?: ***** 5 Stars “The Cyrus brand has been built on a long traditional of excellent CD players and amplifiers. Vinyl replay has never been a major part of its output, and we’ve found past phono stages good rather than great. This Phono Signature/PSX-R2 combination changes that. It is wonderfully flexible and the ability to fine-tune cartridge loading with the remote works superbly. Most of all we just love the way it sounds. If you’ve already got a suitably talented turntable and really want to hear how good it is, buy this.”

Cyrus Phono Signature MSRP $2199. Ask me for our Special Pricing Offer

Upgrade the Phono Signature to bring it to a whole other level with the PSX-R2 Power Supply. MSRP $1199.

Read the HiFiplus review of the Phono Signature / PSX-R2 combo:
“The Cyrus Audio Phono Reference surprised me. I expected it to be good. I just didn’t expect it to be this good! Coupled with the PSX-R2 it’s a true world-beater; dynamically free, detailed, and most of all so damn enjoyable to sit in front of, it’s hard not to play record after record through the system, whatever that system “

Take advantage of No Payments and 0% Interest for 6 Months with PayPal Credit.

Please check out my other audio gear bargains!

Shipping inside the USA is Free.
No International Shipping, don't even ask.

I accept Paypal, Credit Cards, Zelle, Cashier's Checks or Money Orders.
When Cashier's Checks or Money Orders are used, the item will ship once the C.C. or M.O. clears.


Happiness is wanting what you have.

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