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Very Disappointed with Tekton Double Impacts

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56 minutes ago, chiricano said:

Can't speak for the double impacts but have a set of Lores and they punch way above their price point . I have owned and listened to many different Klipsch speakers and own 3k$ monitors listed on the "speakers to lust for" page  ,  Lores beat them in almost all manners , deliver life like  energy and texture with zero fatigue. Lores get close to 30hz as well .  

I think the DI's are rated higher than the Lores, no?  Anyway, I might have been doing something wrong, perhaps my amp which is a PrimaLuna tube amp but I couldn't see moving a 118 pound speaker around my room in an effort to find the right spot and I have limited space plus a bunch of people sent me photos of where they placed their Tektons and they were very far from the back wall and some people told me that it took them months to find the best location for them.  The heck with that.


When I inquired about one of their amps, the people at Pass labs told me that the Tektons and the Klipsch I also own would do better with one of their amps and the Proacs I just bought would do better with the PrimaLuna and they seem real honest.  


In their present location, where the Tektons were placed, the Klipsch are much nicer, more detailed, more bass and have a full sound but aren't fantastic for classical music and good for some jazz but still don't blow me away.  Thus the Proacs I'm waiting on delivery for.  


The Tektons are sold thank god since they weren't a pleasant experience for whatever reason.  Every time I turned them on I told my wife I hated them but I'm happy that you're happy with yours.  Phil

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Lores are less expensive , rated lower is subjective    and in fact lores receive excellent reviews .I haven't listened to any speaker more lifelike yet non fatiguing   . For tube it seems larger drivers , full range paper drivers seem to deliver better than di type design  imho. They render texture and realism better which is logical because live performance drivers are almost exclusively paper and Lore woofers are very good pro bass drivers that are driven their full range to about 4khz.with an audax gold tweeter that has been used in some high end Wilson models.   It's all subjective anyways . Best of luck ! 

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