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Power requirements for pi zero w with miniboss to run Moode?


Hello, i have just assembled my new allo miniboss on a pi zero w. The objective is to run moode on it. I have tested several usb phone chargers i have as psu.

My observations are the following:

With chargers rated less than 2A, i get the software to work, but no sound out of the miniboss with both Volumio and Moode.

With the most powerful charger i have  rated 2,5A, i get sound with Volumio (great sound, thanks Allo!) but not yet with Moode.

What power supply you recommend to get miniboss/zero working properly with Moode or any other of the common music rendering software?

Case 2: what sort of powerbank would you recommend to have it running on batteries for a few hours?

Does low power affect sound quality in any way when it does work but is close to the limit?

I was not expecting a huge power consumption,  but it seems to be quite high for a zero system...

Note: i have nothing else running nor connected to the pi and the hmdi port is disabled.

Thank you for your help.


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