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Bricasti M3, with optional remote control. Like new

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Bricasti M3, with optional remote control. Like new

Mint condition, purchased last month.


Includes optional remote control, never taken out of packaging.


$6000 new, asking $4900.


Excellent sound as used direct to amp via Sonore Optical Rendu.


Never heard DSD sound better!


Phenomenal resolution and detail.


I plan to move up the Bricasti lineup.


Check out Hi Fi + review for more details.




Gallo Ref 3.5 < Velodyne DD15 < Parasound A21 < Gallo Ref SA < Metric Halo LIO-8 < Mac Mini < Decibel and Audirvana < Pro-ject 9.1 w/ Grado Statement Master

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