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Alternative switch to Buffalo BS-GS2016

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I have been interested in trying the Buffalo BS-GS2016 and hooking it up to my EtherREGEN via SFP (optical); but being in the UK (or Europe) means that this switch has been unavailable for quite some time. It should be £100 or less; but at the moment all I see are ones from Japan (via ebay) at £220+ and that's before taking account of tax and duty.


So I was wondering if there is a similar alternative that people have been trying instead (but not the ridiculously priced Melco/Dela S100).




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Went with a Mikrotik CRS112-8G-4S-IN in the end. I was after SFP ports and not the SFP+ so I can try the 10G Finisar SFP+ modules.


Mikrotik(1G)+FinisarSFP(10G) > 5m optical cable (Singlemode) > FinisarSFP(10G)+EtherREGEN(1G)


If the Mikrotik SFPs were 10G then the signal across the Finisar's would be 10G and the EtherREGEN wouldnt have been able to process it and connect via its SFP.

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