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Clicking noise on digital inputs Mytek Brooklyn DAC+

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I wonder if anyone has any solution to this issue.  I have tried contacting Mytek direct but no answer so far and I remembered this forum last used so long ago that I had to re-register.


I have been trying out some raspberry pi streamers recently and noticed a clicking sound when I turned up the volume. I assumed this was down to the Pi but when I disconnected it altogether and tried my cd transport, and also USB feed from a SOtM, the clicking sound remained. Even when I disconnected cables from all inputs it was still there and scrolling through the inputs it only went when I switched to the analogue input. If you have any ideas or can suggest a way to track down the cause I'd be most grateful for the help.


I have since been going around the house turning off appliances but I haven't found any that make a difference. I've also tried another DAC in my system without having the same noise. I've also tried my Mytek DAC in another system and the noise remains which suggests there is a fault with the unit.  I would have upgraded to the latest Mytek firmware version but this appears to be impossible as to upgrade to FIRMWARE V1.28 it says I have to first upload "Mytek_BrooklynDAC+_firmware_v1.23_for1.11upgrade" and this doesn't appear on the website......


Maybe Mytek is not supporting anymore?


I've attached a recording of the clicking sound if that helps.





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