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Townshend Audio DCT 300 XLR Interconnects

Townshend Audio DCT 300 XLR Interconnects, 0.8 m


For sale a pair of Isolda DCT 300 XLR Interconnect cable in excellent condition. The actual length of these cables is 0.8 m not sure why it says 1.0 m on the box. Bought this pair of cables directly from Townshend Audio in UK. PayPal invoice upon request.


Buying a new pair will set you back at least £600.00.

Well run in. Review here says it all:


Woohoo! When the music poured through these British cables, I blurted an involuntary hoot of approval. The Townshend Isolda cables have much of the midrange openness, clarity and easy flow of the Skywire 1400s but with the addition of greater treble sparkle and deep, take-no-prisoners bass. The lowest plucked acoustic bass notes in "The Saga Of Harrison Crabfeathers" on Brian Bromberg's virtuosic Wood [A440 Records/ART7009] became more articulate, with clearer pitch definition and harmonic overtones than I had previously heard. I was also surprised by the Isoldas' seemingly higher efficiency.



Price: 370.00 Euro includes free registered shipping within EU

Accepting Paypal/Gift (buyers take the fee) and TransferWise. 


You can check my feedback 

on Audiogon: Demetris 

and on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/fdbk/feedback_profile/dem_ant?filter=period:TWELVE_MONTHS,overall_rating:POSITIVE



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