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MUTEC REF10 10Mhz Reference Master Clock

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MUTEC REF10 10Mhz Reference Master Clock

I'm using the MUTEC REF10 as an external master clock for two SOtM network switches. About a month or two ago, unbeknownst to me, a BNC cable detached from one of the switches. Suddenly, something didn't sound right - there was a reduction in clarity and tonal accuracy. I must have spent 20 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong before I noticed the detached cable.

It was then that I decided to upgrade the REF10 to the REF10 SE120. As a result, I'm selling this amazing REF10, about a year old and in excellent condition, for $1200 off the list price.

The REF10 is rarely listed because it's in demand for both studios and home audio and isn't usually discounted.
Per the above, I can attest to its excellence and impact.
Additional info:

I'll pay for shipping to the continental US. The buyer is responsible for extra insurance and any PayPal charges. However, I will accept PayPal friends and family.

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    3,300.00 USD
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