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Article: Audiophile Style Podcast: Episode 17 | Part 1 Acoustic Sounds CEO Chad Kassem Interview

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2 minutes ago, STDPHD1995 said:

Terrific interview. Love to listen to Chad discuss his background, and the evolution of Acoustic Sounds. He is a treasure, and what he has created is without peer. 

Agree 100%. Chad's unvarnished opinions are refreshing and his work ethic is second to none. We are fortunate to have him in the industry. 

Founder of Audiophile Style

Announcing The Audiophile Style Podcast

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Lovely interview Chris, Chad is a treasure trove of stories and more stories... followed by even more stories. We - the community at large - really owe Chad a tremendous sense of gratitude for what he and his team do for us... they are the unsung heroes of this music business... everyone loves to complain about a record being late a day or three, when in reality we should be grateful that Chad is producing these amazing reissues for us to listen to ... Awesome stuff! PS: the KOB UHQR has just been released this morning............ w00t. 

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Curious as to the status of the Pink Floyd Animals SACD project...  hoping it will see the light of day at some point.

Cool interview with Chad, looking forward to part 2...  Thanks Chris!

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I can see why this one needed a part 1 and a part 2 - he can talk that guy!


I quite enjoyed the chat about consoles, reminded me of the very fine Dynatron Radiogram that was in the family home when I was very young.  We had a lesser model than the Chad household, the same as this:


As I recall, it actually sounded OK, as long as the "loudness" button was invoked.  Also note the Garrard autochanger, on which you could stack five or six records.  Not very audiophile if you worry about VTA adjustments and similar.  



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