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As my beloved Weiss dac and it's Firewire prime connection scheme is slowly fading into a non supported discontinued sunset replacement time is near.   Obviously the Weiss dac 501 would be the top contender and since I live 10 minutes from the Grammy winning weiss headquarters in Uster Switzerland the decision is clear. BUT.... the 8000 bucks starting price is a little 🤑 for my bank account.    I am looking for a usb dac, usb dac/streamer solution in the 4000 range that would make do.....Thanx.  Jim


Mac mini, weiss dac 202, gryphon tabu integrated,Eventus Phobos Speakers



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Lynx Hilo LT-USB (LT-TB or LT-Dante).

MacMini 2018 - Lynx Hilo LT-TB (TeddyPardo PSU) - Unison Research SH - Sennheiser HD800

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T+A DAC8DSD ... or maybe Holo Audio May ... both need an external streamer such as the NAA capable opticalRendu for example. NAA is required for HQPlayer software.

Apple Powerbook G4 15\", iTunes, Metric Halo LIO-8, active speakers

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Can't you use an USB to AES-EBU converter and keep the DAC202? Weiss INT204 for example.


1. Sonore ultraRendu - UpTone ISO Regen - Mola Mola Makua - Apollon NC800 SL PRO - Thiel CS3.7
2. LG 65UM7470PSA - Marantz SR7005 - Apollon NCoreMP - Monitor Audio Platinum PL100+PLC150
3. RME ADI-2 DAC FS - Neumann KH 80 DSP
4. Hidizs S8 - Audeze LCDi3
5. Meizu HiFi DAC - Moondrop Aria

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