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Article: Ramar Record Brush

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7 minutes ago, The Computer Audiophile said:

I haven't a need for such product, without a turntable, but I still enjoy fine craftsmanship and good people. I've heard great things about Ramar.


Chris... you need one just to look at the craftsmanship and that ever so satisfying "clack" when the magnets lock in place... it's hilarious how that little bit of detail highlights the experience and use for me... like hearing a vintage 80s Mercedes door snap in place. They don't build them like they used to... 

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Just now, AudioDoctor said:

Ugh, why do you guys do these things to me... I don't need this but now I want it because I appreciate fine design and craftsmanship, and what better companion to my recently acquired ultrasonic cleaning machine...


hahaha! 😀

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21 hours ago, bbosler said:

I have no problem if somebody wants to pay $340 for a brush just for the bling factor or bragging rights, but I would want it to be the best performing brush for that kind of money. Not a brush expert but I do see the value in using one. So is this brush actually superior in function or a Timex vs. Rolex kind of thing.



Pretty sure it’s the best brush I’ve used. How much better is it compared to a $20 Audioquest labeled brush? No clue. The contact patch is a lot wider, the carbon fibers and goat hair is no doubt of far superior quality, so from the get go the materials used are at an advantage. It works supremely well and each time I hear that magnetic clack, I feel like the brush did it’s job. ✌

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