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AfterDark. Project ClayX Giesemann EVA Reference Clock Cable for Giesemann Clock

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The Giesemann EVA Reference is design to obtain optimum results from the finest high-resolution system, the specification is higher than transmission standards. 


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  • One Layer of Carbon Fiber Shielding woven for EMI shielding and Two Layers of aluminum foils for high frequency effective shielding:This will prevent external noise from getting to the signal conductors, shields the shield of the cable to further prevent the ingress of noise (RFI, etc.) into the ground plane.
  • Silver Plated 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) Solid Core conductor
  • High speed low-loss Ethylene Propylene insulation: high quality insulation for cables that has less impact on the signal and insulates the conductors well.
  • The Construction of cable is mechanically tuned and twisted with spacing for less cross interference 
  • The proprietary technology called Helix Technology offering superior dielectric performance and provide the platform for mechanical damping.  All the latest technology will ensure the signal from Master Clock, is being shielded and transmitted to audiophile devices.  
  • Gold Plated BNC Connectors.
  • Impedance matching 75ohm for Giesemann Clock 
  • Customised length from 0.5m to 2m
  • All hand Made in Hong Kong by AfterDark.


  • AfterDark Project ClayX Giesemann EVA Reference Clock Cable got better sense of space in the sound-stage with exceptional clarity and delicate resolution reproduction.
  • The design is build and aware of how important a ground plane, shielding is in analog audio. Because it acts as the reference for every calculation of voltage in the analog audio system, the cleaner you can keep your ground plane, the cleaner your audio will sound thanks to the prevention of significant amounts of noise.
  • The AfterDark Project ClayX Giesemann EVA Reference Clock Cable is a big step to apply the Carbon Fiber Shielding to keep the ground plane cleaner and eliminate the noise by apply 3 layers of shielding, just to ensure the signal is always in optimal level.


“Connecting the AfterDark Project ClayX Giesemann EVA Reference Clock Cable brought a depth and timbre to my music that I haven’t heard before” The reviewer after listen to Gisesemann EVA cable.



  • “Definitely, the Carbon Fiber Shielding do have very positive impact on any digital cables, for audiophile with Master Clock, this clock cable is must”
  • After applying Carbon Fiber Shielding to the cable, the signal is unchanged in its overall character / signature, but everything just got clearer and more open. There was more space in the sound, both in the overall size of the soundstage, but also in terms of the space around each instrument / sound.
  • Using Carbon Fiber Shielding, it improve isolated ground plane allowing every sound to be more accurately rendered by the system with no hash / background noise to muddy the end signal.
  • Project ClayX Giesemann EVA Reference Clock cable can help to prevent noise from reaching your preamp so an audiophile system will benefit from a carbon fiber shielding cable upgrade.




Amp: Goldmund 27+ EVO Preamp, Goldmund 29M Power Amp, Goldmund AC-Curator

DAC: CH Precision C1.1 Digital Convertor,  Studer D19 DAC, Wadia 2000 DAC

Digital: Mutec MC3-USB,  AfterDark. Giesemann OCXO 10M Master Clock Giesemann EVA 

Playback: Goldmund PH3 Phono Amp, Linn LP12, Studer A807 VU MKII Open Reel


Dealer: UpTone Audio, Gustard, Farad Power Supply, Cybershaft, Thixar, DELA

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