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Schiit Modi3+ Spotify help

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Hi Everyone,
I need abit of help - Im new to this and abit confused.

I've repurposed some old HiFi (Amp & Speaker) into my lounge. I recently purchased a schiit Modi 3+ DAC and have connected my NUC to it via USB and my TV via Toslink. Ive got Spotify on my NUC, and Spotify on my Sony TV. Im using spotify connect on my phone to control spotify.

We've got the Schiit selected to the Toslink input as a default for our TV (there's no remote on the schiit - so i have to get up and switch it to change inputs to USB if i need to use NUC).

Will there be a difference in sound quality / sound between using spotify connect via the TV & toslink Vs spotify connect via the NUC & USB ?


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