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Do I2S cables (ethernet) matter - soundwise?

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The title says it all, essentially. I have made the experience that Coax and AES (and even USB) cables matter when connecting different streamers to my DAC (Metrum Onyx). A few days ago, I took the plunge and ordered the Metrum Ambre streamer, together with the I2S module. Now I wonder, can I just take any ethernet cable from my rummage table to connect the Ambre to the Onyx via I2S, or do I have to really pay attention to audiophile ethernet cables when doing so?


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I use standard Cat 5a ethernet cable for I2S interconnection between my Pi2AES to my Metrum Onyx with very satisfying results.  The developer of the Metrum line of DACs (Cees Ruijtenberg)  has said the following on another forum, "We are using the typical impedance of the UTP cable to realize correct data transfer. For such approach you should use other types of transmitter and receiver sections who can handle to drive these impedances. As a result you can use standard UTP cable having lengths of 30 meter without loss or jitter. So you cannot judge a system based on the connector used."

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