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Oyaide OR-800B Speaker Cables

These are very nice, no-hype cables. I have owned them (new) for about three years, although they have been stored for about half that time. No issues and great cables; I swapped them because I fell into a "can't pass it up" deal on a very high-end pair of cables.


The OR-800 B speaker cable uses high-purity copper litz wire and star-quad structure in its construction. The B is for "banana" connectors.


I have priced them aggressively because it's crazy to have such nice cables in a box! MSRP is $725.00 for 2 meter length.


From the company:


For the conductor, almost four hundreds of very thin wires made of OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) is installed in star-quad structure. Its litz wire structure prevents deformation among the wires because of enamel coating (UEW) on the surface and prevents loss of high-frequency characteristic by skin effect.



The original banana plug of the OR-800B was based on "SRBN" in order to accept very thick conductors of OR-800.


Same as the "SRBN", it is made of deoxidized phosphor bronze which is used in many contacts due to its excellent springiness and electric property.


The contact tip is slit up in a cross shape and divided in quarters to ensure the maximum contact area and is designed to be fit tightly into terminals when it is inserted.


The original banana plug and the conductor of the cable is soldered by high-quality Pb free solder which was selected based on our years of experience. 


We employed polyolefin for outer sheath to keep electric permittivity low. Its hardness is set to higher than PVC to enhance durability and achieve high-definition sound.


The star-quad structure, which has been trusted for 20 years, blocks external noise and electromagnetic wave without increasing electric capacitance due to its noise cancellation effect.


Thank you for checking this out.

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