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Audiophile Optimizer Sound Signatures

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Hi AS peeps

Can anyone categorise the AO sound signatures?

And then further still describe the effect of the filter setting?

I can make out that 1A is quite sharp and 4D is quite soft in sound. 
I seem to be shooting in the dark with this?


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AO cannot degrade or enhance the bitstream from source to DAC. So when you say 'sound signatures' you mean how AO is modifying the radio frequency (RF) noise from the PC's CPU, memory access and various sub-systems. This RF noise leaves the PC and impacts your DAC and its tethered antennae (cables) to get inside the DAC to affect the clocking and small signal processing.


So before you muck around with AO settings, do this:

#1 - use a DAC that is immune to signal jitter (this would be any built in the past 10 years)

#2 - use an optical signal transmission (Toslink or OPTO-DX if you have a Chord DAC)

#3 - dont have the the DAC or source share the same power at all. Ideally, get off the AC mains. Put your DAC on a battery.

#4 - avoid switch mode power supplies.

#5 - physically distance your source components (anything digital) from your DAC. 

#6 - pay attention to magnetic fields generated by AC components and your household wiring grid.

#7 - keep upgrading your transducers (speakers, hphones) to keep revealing more transparency as you improve above.




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Thanks for the info on system setups.

Im slowly progressing toward that! 
This is directed to you but i have to ask the question again....

With AO there must be something specific the signatures do otherwise why would they be there?

Ive yet to see any ‘full explanation’ of what the ‘sound signature’ or ‘filters’ do?

If you use AO then you will know they are a feature of the program and not a term ive created my self.

I have to say again what exactly do they do ‘specifically’.

So if they are said to be modifying RF then what specific measurements or effect do these signature have or do?

Either they are there by design and have a specific measured and calculated effect or they are just numbers.

Lets say you go to a garage and theres a car standing there and youre told to fill it with fuel and you dont know if its diesel or petrol and there are also two pumps one is petrol and one is diesel and they have no labels?

Thats A bit extreme but you must get the point!

As something quantifiable what is it.

Ok rant over with.




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