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For Sale: Acoustic Sciences Corp. SubTraps

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For Sale: Acoustic Sciences Corp. SubTraps

For sale: 


Two (2) Acoustic Sciences Corp. 18" SubTraps.  Redecoration/design has made these persona non grata.  These have only lived in a non-smoking, no pet household.  They are in excellent condition, with just a few easily painted-over dings.  New, these cost over $600/each.


Per the company:  "The SubTrap floats the sub off the floor to eliminate sympathetic structural vibration and at the same time adds a bass trap to damp the buildup of room modes that couple to the subwoofer."


I will sell them both, together, for $600, or separately for $325/each.   Because of their size, though not particularly heavy, I would prefer local (Seattle) pickup.  I'd be willing to ship them, but it'll be somewhat expensive due to shipping and packaging requirements (I do not have the original boxes) and buyer would need to pay for both shipping and packaging.


Will accept cash or PayPal, only.

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    325.00 USD
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