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Afterdark Black Modernize Handhartilo Series x I-O DATA Soundgenic NAS

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Special features on I-O Data Soundgenic:

  • Build and design from the concept of Fidata Flagship NAS
  • Build in Twonky Server software, and plug and play for music lover
  • Comes with Free Fidata Apps for IOS and Android to playback music via DLNA, or mount to ROON Server with IP address. 
  • Build in CD-Ripping function for automatic CD ripping experiences.
  • Build in CD Transport function, when connect to USB CD reader, the software called fidata IOS Apps can recognise the CD metadata and let music lover to direct playback CD via DLNA playback devices. 
  • Fan-less design for audiophile, compact in size 
  • Comes with 2TB HDD or AfterDark. can upgrade to SSD or up to 18TB HDD


Purchase Link for retail edition


Purchase Link for Handhartilo Edition









Why does I-O Data Soundgenic HDL-RA2HF NAS need a linear power supply?

  • General switching power supply may produce noise and interfere with other power supplies. Note that the stock DC cable is difficult to achieve optimal sounding, because of this bottleneck , the signal can not achieve their best performance through the NAS.
  • This version shall included the ultra low noise LPS and Duelund Silver Cable for DC connection. 

The design behind is to use audiophile audio materials to design a dedicated audio DC cable, build in a linear power supply to improve power performance. Improve signal recovery, music density or increase audiophile NAS music signal extraction, the full modified version is called "Black Modernize- Elite Series"





Why does I-O Data Soundgenic HDL-RA2HF NAS need Optical Lan Isolator?

  • The feature is to use two separate sets of optical fiber cable signal lines to run balanced clock digital signals. One set of lines is used for data transmission, and the other set is for line data reception. This is to protect data integrity and avoid EMI mutual interference.
  • Due to the physical isolation of the optical fiber, the signal-to-noise ratio is significantly eliminated. The digital signal is darker with rich details.
  • In addition, the LAN Isolator connector adds high-end industrial Exotic EMI shielding (KEMET Corporation) to further avoid EMI/RF signal.



I-O Data Soundgenic HDL-RA2HF NAS VS I-O Data fidata HFAS1-H40 NAS flagship product?

  • The shop owner believes that the best way to improve the sound quality is to redesign all internal components and use better shielded signal lines, redesign the linear power supply, internal wire selection, and anti-resonance and anti-vibration carbon fiber materials to design the rack.
  • However, in the past few days, the owner received a request from a master, "Please put the LAN isolator inside the NAS, the performance may reach the flagship product of I-O Data fidata." At the same time, it also improves the sound quality, and then can compete with the flagship.




What is upgrade details on Black Modernize - "Handhartilo Series”?

  1. Full Duplex 1000M Audio Grade Optical Lan Isolator
  2. 2 x Finisar SFP+ 10G Industrial Grade Optical Modules for Critical Mission Application
  3. Commscope Single Mode Server Grade LC/LC Optical Fiber Cable





Audio Note KENSAI Bi-Polar Capacitor is replaced on the I-O Data Soundgenic motherboard





  • Black Modernize Carbon Fiber Anti-Resonance Plate is made of 6mm front / 3mm back thickness of Carbon Fiber Audiophile MAT for EMI shielding and Anti-Resonance for mission critical application for Audiophile NAS. The will prevent external noise from getting to the USB signal conductors, and the high performance density of Carbon Fiber Shield to further prevent the ingress of noise (RFI, etc.) and increase stabilization during NAS Music File streaming application.
  • Black Modernize Connection Interface Upgrade provide maximum flexibility and enhance NAS Noise Isolated performance with propriety LAN / USB input for Audio and Optical Lan Isolator for audiophile audio connection.
  • AfterDark. Black Constellation (CFS) Optical Fiber Audio Lan Isolator Performance Modules, this Lan Isolator interface is upgraded with 10G SFP+ Finisar Industrial Grade Optical Module and Commercial Grade Commscope LC/LC Optical Fiber Cable to provide the best data transfer with much “less error rate” to provide the best audio performance for Lan Isolation application. The separate Linear Power Supply was used to provide the best audio performance with less signal to noise background. The micro details and soundstage on Hi-Res Audio will improves significantly. 



  • All of the original parts from I-O Data Soundgenic HDL-RA2HF is maintained, with others performance upgrade including the re-allocation of HDD /SSD to avoid EMI and vibration interference between the drive and the main motherboard.
  • Anti-Vibration Module for HDD/SSD, propriety Anti-shock material was designed for holding the HDD/SSD and eliminate the vibration contact with the HDD and the enclosure case. The airflow and heat was dispersed around the air space in between this special designed module.
  • AfterDark. Project ClayX SATA III and SATA Power Cables for Audiophile NAS, with EMI shielding  performance with propriety Carbon Fiber Shielding (CFS) Technology and audio application.
  • Independent Black Modernize 12V Linear Power Supply (LPS) is to eliminate the EMI interference and provide more stable audiophile grade power supply for NAS.
  • Internal DC power cable to connect I-O Data motherboard is from Duelund Silver Cable with Audio Note Ag Solder
  • Extra anti-absorber material was placed on the connection board, to eliminate the signal noise and better separation to avoid vibration interference for mission critical NAS application.
  • The “Carbonized Screw” was used to fix the position on Black Modernize Carbon Fiber Anti-Resonance Plate for Audiophile NAS.
  • All hand Made in Hong Kong by AfterDark.







Amp: Goldmund 27+ EVO Preamp, Goldmund 29M Power Amp, Goldmund AC-Curator

DAC: CH Precision C1.1 Digital Convertor,  Studer D19 DAC

Digital: Mutec MC3-USB,  AfterDark. Giesemann OCXO 10M Master Clock Giesemann EVA 

Playback: Goldmund PH3 Phono Amp, Linn LP12, Studer A807 VU MKII Open Reel


Dealer: SMSL, Gustard, Farad Power Supply, Cybershaft, Thixar, UpTone Audio, Waversa, DELA

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