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Review and Question about Uptone Audio - EtherREGEN.

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I've been using this great network switch from Uptone Audio for several months, the performance wasn't too bad, but didn't reach my expectation tbh, the price was fair to me, cuz me as an audiophile always like to try new stuff hahah, to see if that would upgrade my audio system or even just make the sound slightly different, however, recently I found that this EtherREGEN working with really high temperature, I was a bit shocked, since at one moment I thought maybe I could try frying an egg on top of it or something ((joking..., anyway, this surprising situation made me see through its manual and product instructions all over again, interestingly, I did not find any certain AV equipment certifications on it, such as FCC, CE, etc..., although I do know that some companies self-acclaim about these verifications, I'm all good with that, but just this makes me wonder if this network switch, EtherREGEN, from Uptone Audio got any checks at all? I hope this post can help me find the answers, if you guys have any kind of different opinions, let's discuss!!! 



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