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Article: Audiophile Style Podcast: Episode 16 | Radio Paradise Interview

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Nifty.  My non-audiophile friend turned me on to RP a couple years ago and several of our buddies all listen frequently and even comment on the playlists on certain days.  I open a browser window for the playlist tracking and the wikipedia info and have been exposed to more great music than any other source including Pandora and Roon radio. Bill has just flat out great taste and we love that he plays b-sides and lesser known deep cuts.  A great resource for music lovers and good on ya for featuring him and exposing more people to what he does.  I'd like to add that the first cd-quality stream in the country was out of KEXP in Seattle and in the early 2000's I put together a USB dac so I could pipe it into my system.  It was a sad day when the legacy A/D broadcast unit they used gave up and the moved to lossy codecs.  So, Bill wasn't the first to do this, but he's still at it which is everything.

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Talk about closing a polygon, in this case a triangle. I live in Hollister, California, about 12 miles from Gilroy, CA, home of the famous KFAT mentioned by Bill here. I also grew up on a farm (mostly canning tomatoes) and farmed myself until I moved on to 30+ years at a scientific software company. We were Goldsmith Seed customers, and I may have met Bill in the late 70's through a connection there. Move back to the to pieces that Gilbert Klein wrote for you. I enjoyed them thouroughly. Also bought his book and enjoyed that too. His tales were even more outrageous than what he heard on KFAT and that was unparalleled before or since.


I am now eagerly awaiting the next obscure, distant part of my life that you unknowingly reveal on AS.


Thanks,  Skip 

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1 hour ago, grinner said:

Radio Paradise is a fantastic "station". I've been listening for several years now and my musical horizons have broadened considerably in that time. It always astonishes me how many great bands are out there that I would not have even heard of without Radio Paradise. I love what Bill and Rebecca are doing. 


I hear more new music on RP in an hour than I would in a month of algorithm driven playlists on Pandora, Roon etc. 


p.s.   If you like what you hear, become a member. 


Founder of Audiophile Style

Announcing The Audiophile Style Podcast

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Thanks @The Computer Audiophilei enjoyed this podcast. I am not much of a radio listener never was but at work I do. Usually it’s some Dutch classic rock station. Recently, a few months ago, a college of mine pointed me towards Radio Paradise and I really liked it. Like @grinner said discovering new music is a big plus. Really liked to learn a bit about the history of Radio Paradise so keep up the good work Radio Paradise  👍.

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Great podcast. It's always fun to get the backstory to something like RP. 


When I listen, I'm always amazed at how many new artists I get introduced to, and even more amazing, many new favorites are artists from back in my young days that I just hadn't come across. 

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