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Aurender N10 or Lumin X1- Comparisons?

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Has anybody ever compared these 2 fabulous streamers ?


Also- What are the pro's and cons of internal storage as opposed to external storage?


I'll soon be in the market for a 6-8k streamer without a DAC.


Sound quality being the biggest priority.


I would also be limited to just flac file playback.


I'm not interested in DSD or MQA.


Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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The Lumin X1 is designed as a complete digital source, combining music streaming functionality along with an internal DAC. The Aurender N10 is a dedicated music streamer that requires connection to an external DAC. They each serve different applications and are not really considered direct competitors. You could connect the Lumin X1 to an external DAC but it wouldn't likely be a good value proposition since a significant portion of its cost is in the D/A conversion and transformer coupled analog output stage.

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