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Usbridge Sparky no longer supported on Volumio

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I have a usbridge transport running on the Sparky platform. It has been working with volumio 2 for a long time.

Volumio have now taken away the Sparky image link and seem to have stopped all updates and development. There is not even a community section for the Sparky platform on Volumio.

I was hoping to be able to use the new facility of tidal connect but there is no update available. 

I understand that they tried to use the update but it failed, is there any way my usbridge can be updated so it can run the latest version of Volumio?

There must be lots of Sparky users that will be in the same position, and I see you are not supplying the usbridge does that mean there will be no updates to this platform in the future? 

Any help appreciated.

Thank you

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