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Article: Review | Taking The Denafrips Terminator To 11

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2 minutes ago, jxo said:

Chris:  thanks much for the review and look forward to hearing more about your experience with the DAC.


I can offer another endorsement of Vinshine Audio and Alvin.  I have been on the DAC sidelines for quite a while but based on all the positive and credible feedback I pulled the trigger and will be getting one of his DACs.  Alvin has been extremely responsive, knowledgeable and helpful.  


Now I can torture myself figuring out how best to network TBs of music files to this thing.



You’re in luck. Many people here in the AS community are here to help. 

Founder of Audiophile Style

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As a Terminator Plus and Gaia owner I can vouch for the quality and sonic experience. Vinshine and Alvin have provided excellent service and prompt shipments. Highly recommended!

I enjoyed reading the positive review. 

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Hi Chris,


"The Pedestals are the complete opposite from the included Denafrips spikes. The spikes offer zero isolation and are in my opinion a conduit for unwanted vibrations to enter the DAC unimpeded. Don't get me started on the included plastic/metal spike shoe."


What's wrong with the editor?  My responses keep disappearing.  Anyway you're right, spikes and horizontal-movement bearings are for speakers only and isolation is for everything else, for obvious reasons.  Denafrips should know better.  Cheers!  

Mac Mini 2012 with 2.3 GHz i5 CPU and 16GB RAM running newest OS10.9x and Signalyst HQ Player software (occasionally JRMC), ethernet to Cisco SG100-08 GigE switch, ethernet to SOtM SMS100 Miniserver in audio room, sending via short 1/2 meter AQ Cinnamon USB to Oppo 105D, feeding balanced outputs to 2x Bel Canto S300 amps which vertically biamp ATC SCM20SL speakers, 2x Velodyne DD12+ subs. Each side is mounted vertically on 3-tiered Sound Anchor ADJ2 stands: ATC (top), amp (middle), sub (bottom), Mogami, Koala, Nordost, Mosaic cables, split at the preamp outputs with splitters. All transducers are thoroughly and lovingly time aligned for the listening position.

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On 4/21/2021 at 2:41 PM, Exocer said:

Awesome review Chris. Has this become your new go-to DAC? Also wondering how you would compare it to some of your prior favorites.

Hi Chris, just a reminder in case you missed it. There are plenty of Yggy fans here as well. We value your ears and guidance. The terminator is a bit out of my price range for what I would spend on a DAC but where there is a will there is a way 🙂.


I have taken an interest in NOS DACs with externally upsampled content lately and with the Yggy this is not possible. Naturally I am comparing the Holo May/Spring DACs to the Denafrips line at similar price ranges.


Would greatly appreciate your explanation of tonal differences, dynamics (micro/macro) or anything you can come up with to compare the Termy 1.2 to your A2 Yggy.




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What a full Denafrips stack brought me:

I was sold 4 years ago on R2R with the Holo Spring DAC while working in mainland China. Back in the U.K. a friend offered to buy the Holo off me, so time for a replacement. I realised that I had not been listening to my high end CD player for the past few years after spending spare time over a year to create lossless rips of my 1000+ CDs and SACDs. As the Gaia came highly recommended this was a logical companion to the T+. 
The final piece fell in place a few days ago with the arrival of the Athena as a replacement of the ATC CA2 pre amplifier. 
The setup now shows its synergy by providing a detailed, spacious authoritative sound, even when the system plays at relatively low volumes. 
My main listening is classical music as I play classical violin myself. 
Finally enjoying listening to a high res DSD recording by Nigel Armstrong which until now was actually unlistenable due to the thin violin sound. Now the instrument has been given a full bodied sound and the music can be enjoyed!


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