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UltraRendu - 6v power supply?

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I would have put this in the ultra thread above but it’s locked. I have a Sbooster 5-6v model. At 6v it’s rated at 1.75 A continuous and can do more than double that transiently. Is there a reason that unit cannot handle an ultraRendu? Is there something about 6v that is undesirable compared to 7v? (I assume there must be, given all of the specific power supplies are 7v)

Roon ->allo Sparky-USBridge w/ SBooster 5V LPS-> Kii Control -> Kii Three

Roon->BMC UltraDAC->Mr Speakers Aeon Flow Open

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@Kelly - if you look at the sonore website, you can see that it can handle 6-9v, but 9v is not recommended:  https://www.sonore.us/ultraRendu.html.  your sbooster should work fine.

sources:  intel nuc8i7 (audiolinux, roon core) (server) | simaudio moon mind 2 (renderer)
headphone rig:  chord dave > senn hd600
main rig:  chord dave > parasound jc5 > kef reference 1
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