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Separation of Devices for HQ Streaming

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I think I simply over complicated my setup.


I'm home from a visit to my future home and wanted to revisit the Holo May armed with knowledge about filters. There were a few combinations I wanted to try as I discovered there's a manual for HQP. I only had a quick start guide and thought I was on my own when it came to setup. Regardless, I got things running and have been enjoying the MAY KTE immensely. But I couldn't leave well enough alone.


I left my system Friday night in frustration. By recommendation, I put Roon on a separate music server, while HQPlayer sits on my high power Sigao server. What I could NOT do is point the Roon core library or 'storage' to the PCIe USB storage drive hung off the Sigao. I reasoned it best to keep the library separate from Roon core and keep it attached to the Sigao as an HDPlex 300Watt LPS is soon to arrive to power the Sigao. It also means I could tap into a 5volt LPS supply to power a SATA drive. Seems win win to me. It would find my NAS no problem and play well. I tried pointing it to the drive on the Sigao but failed. I tried using the IP address followed by the drive letter and every other parameter in me getting feeble mind. Now I have to wonder if it's worth the headaches. The Sigao works well running Roon Core, HQPlayer, and having storage attached.


 I could not get the Rendu working as an NAA output device. I think though due to my storage issue in my current setup, there's nothing to play! Sometimes ya gotta laugh at ones self.

Where's my CD transport?

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