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QNAP QSW-1208-8C Switch 10GbE

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hello Guys,

I'm using this 10GbE Switch, in my Audio setup. Reading a bit of tread, I wanted to upgrade the clock and bring the power supply external, then I'm also ordering two Buffalo BS-GS2016 to be inserted just before the dCS Network Bridge

I have already tried a Melco S100 and the increase was amazing !!! I didn't think I had such a huge leap in quality !!!
but the first doubt is about the clock change for my first switch in the audio chain, because if for the Melco s100 the clock chip is easily identifiable (a small chip, signed D250C), for the Qnap it is more complicated, I don't have found a block diagram, but I can post photos of the interior!


finally the power supply, I can commission even a small production to a great audio manufacturer (I am the international distributor), which produces power amps of extreme quality !!!






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I can think that Qnap is less suitable as an audiophile switch (it has fans and many connections including 10Gbe) but I want to start tweaking this, it might be amazing!

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