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Tidal Connect on Raspberry (how-to)

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Please find below a recap of the steps required to install and run Tidal connect on a raspberry.

I did this on top of a raspberry pi4 running Moode, but conceptually this should work on any raspberry with Debian.

The starting point is coming from this thread on raspberrypi.org:



  1. Connect to the raspberry using ssh and launch the installation as indicated in https://github.com/shawaj/HiTide
  2. Modify file "/usr/ifi/ifi-tidal-release/pa_devs/devices" to configure your own audio device
    The info to be used can be gathered using command "aplay -l"
    For example, I modified the row of  device #1 to enter the info of my USB dac
    device#1=LA-QXD1: USB Audio (hw:2,0)

  3. Modify file "/lib/systemd/system/ifi-streamer-tidal-connect.service" in order to

    • modify as you like  the name you want to give to the service  using parameters "-f" and "--model name"

    • specify the device audio to b used by the Tidal Connect service by adding the parameter "--playback-device".
      The value for playback-device needs to be exactly the same inserted at point 2
      ExecStart=/usr/ifi/ifi-tidal-release/bin/tidal_connect_application \
                      --tc-certificate-path "/usr/ifi/ifi-tidal-release/id_certificate/IfiAudio_ZenStream.dat" \

                      -f "Fero Tidal Streamer" \
                      --codec-mpegh true \
                      --codec-mqa false \

                      --model-name "Fero Tidal Streamer" \
                      --disable-app-security false \
                      --disable-web-security false \
                      --enable-mqa-passthrough false \
                      --log-level 3 \
                      --enable-websocket-log "0"\

                      --playback-device "LA-QXD1: USB Audio (hw:2,0)"

  4. Configure the service for automatic startup at boot:
    systemctl enable ifi-streamer-tidal-connect.service


Usage Notes


To start the service, use command:

systemctl start ifi-streamer-tidal-connect.service


To stop the service, use command:

systemctl stop ifi-streamer-tidal-connect.service

To verify service status use command:
systemctl status ifi-streamer-tidal-connect.service


Please note that when you start the service, "it locks the audio device in exclusive mode", so that if you attempt to access the device in some other way (e.g. with MPD) you will get an error as long as the Tidal connect service will not be stopped.


....I know this is somehow annoying, but the benefits are:


1) as interface, you will use Tidal app, simply selecting where you want the output to go in "Sound Output"


2) for those using Tidal, sound quality is exceptional IMHO!!!!

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