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A toast to PGGB, a heady brew of math and magic

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16 minutes ago, JohnA said:

Thanks ZB


In real life, does it really sound any different 24bit vs 32bit?

I understand that even 24bit depth is rather optimistic with consumer electronics

It is hard to make a generalization.


In the case of DAVE which is also a 32bit DAC like Qutest and shares a similar  pipeline, I prefer 32bits to 24bits (based on USB input). It is best to try both and decide the tradeoff between  reduced size and any perceived loss of SQ. 

Author of PGGB, remastero

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On 5/7/2021 at 3:39 PM, JnL said:

Or any distortion related caused by the same?? Also can do that? I can't hear Death Magnetic too well, not even from Mastered for iTunes Hi-Res :/


OMG, that album is literally the poster child for how terrible digital distortion makes analog distortion sound, even after so many years since its release! I found some remastered bootlegs that apparently came from the Guitar Hero game where for whatever reason the mastering wasn't brickwalled. So funny that so many people would likely pay again, and maybe even more, for a properly mastered version of that album. (I would.)


Anyway, so cool this PGGB tech was birthed here on AS and many thanks to all involved in this - can't wait to try it out soon. Thank you thank you!


Sum>Frankenstein: Schiit Yggdrasil A2+SR Tesla/PS Audio P3 Regenerator+AVOptions Tibia, W4S Remedy/Uptone LPS-1.2, Linn LP12/Hercules II/Ittok/Denon DL-103R, Naim 250 DR, Monitor Audio Silver 500, PSB, Elac, Epos, Uptone Audio ISO & EtherREGENs, various Witch Hat/Audience/Silnote/ZenWave/Mapleshade/Transparent Audio cables, and nice room w/treatment.

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On 5/3/2021 at 8:05 PM, ambre said:

I have a Auralic Vega G2.1 Streaming DAC with Lighting app and use MinimServer for files located on HD disks/NAS. 


PCM: 44.1KHz to 384KHz in 32Bit 
I am really surprised. 


Dear Zaphod,


Many Redbook recordings, 192 kHz and especially DSD 64 and 128 files  sound much better than normal streaming Qobuz or local files. The Gargle blaster adds/ corrects a lot. Amazing.🤓😍


Tried also on usb direct input HQPlayer 4.0 again. Ps. Without any usb reclocker like IsoRegen, Mutec Mc 3 etc.  Strange enough I could only sent 32 PGGB as 24 bits with HqPlayer 4.0 to my Auralic Vega G 2.1 ?

And for  unclear reasons the NAA functionality (Mac mini with latest distro from Jussy)  did not work properly …..could only sent 32 bit to 16 bits PCM and SDM wasn’t available on macOS NAA. Tried different Mac mini’s but still not resolved. Have asked Jussy in NAA thread for some assistance. 


But my STREAMING DAC sounds via Ethernet much better than direct connected via USB.

Ps. Use an UPTONE EtherRegen, with Afterdark Master Clock and multiple switches upfront.


Best regards, Andreas




Audio. :4x Bonn Silent Angel 8P, Afterdark Emperor Crown Masterclock and Cybershaft 75 Ohm,Mini Circuits convertor,Uptone EtherRegen with 75Ohm. SOTM Cat CAT 7, Auralic Vega G2.1, Cambridge Edge W, Kef Ref 3 speakers.  Power: Farad super 3 ( 2x) , Keces P8 ( 2 Uptone LPS1.2 ) Afterdark 5V: Cables:Meicord Opal, SOTM Cat7 with filtering, Ghent Audio DC , Farad Level 2, Sharkwire speaker

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Would be interested in trying PGGB but I don't currently own a suitable PC to run it as I use low powered audiolinux server & endpoint with Mscaler & DAVE. I am hesitant to purchase a new high powered PC just for this purpose as I may not find the results to my liking.

Are there any test files for processed audio?


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