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How does the auto select of the Chord Hugo Mscaler work?


Can someone explain how the auto select of the Mscaler operates? Does it switch to a newly started source?  When listening to music using USB, will it switch to tv on optical as soon as I turn on TV, or do I need to stop the music? And does it switch back to music if I pause and play it?

What does it mean that USB has priority?


And with more than two sources?


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11 hours ago, StephenJK said:

Sometimes, it's best if you ask the people who made the gizmo you're having a problem with.  I've always had good luck contacting the manufacturer about how this or that should work.





I think so too, as it is not in the manual, but the question has been here for a few months. For instance: does it switch to a connection that becomes active only when all other inputs are off/not used, or does it switch anyway (which I would like: listening to music (USB) I switch to tv (OPTICAL 1), will it switch to tv or does it keep playing music)?

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I got an answer from Chord, good tip.


Dear Sir, thanks for your email.

Testing this on my own Mscaler; if it is running over USB on Auto, and I switch the TV on, it will stay on USB until the signal is stopped. At that point, it switches to the optical signal from the TV.
All the best 
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