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Audiophile Optimizer Firewall Win Server 2019 core - advice plz

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I am using Win Server 2019 in Core-mode. Its a one-box solution, running Audiophile Optomizer with HQplayer and Roonserver and Fdelizer. running headless with microsoft remote desktop.

All running smothly, very stable with great sound.

now i need some advice with the Firewall. At AO installation i chose not to disable the windows defender.

Now when i look in the firewall-configuration

netsh advfirewall show allprofiles

the firewall is off.

I am not a windowsgeek...sorry for my stupid question, but i am worried about a windowsserver- all time running with no firewall. in the same home network with the music-nas and my other computers?

do i have to change...


thanks for helping



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