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T+A Dac8 DSD (***SOLD****SOLD****)

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T+A Dac8 DSD (***SOLD****SOLD****)



This wonderful T+A dac is up for sale. One of the truly best DSD dac's out there today. Stereophile still has it rated in the A+ category of digital processors and they didn't even send a upsampled stream of DSD to this dac where it really shines. If you like to up sample music to DSD with a program like HQPlayer 4 then this is the dac for you. It sings and is made for DSD up sampling. Either DSD512 or DSD256 with EC7 or EC5 modulators (windows OS) this dac will have you in audio Nirvana. I am the original owner and have had it about 2 1/2 years and it has been trouble free and just works with no usb connection issues. Excellent condition, with 1 small scratch on bottom visible in upper L of bottom photo before the foot. And 2 very small marks on R rear side corner, see picture.

Included in the sale- Dac, Remote, owners Manual and stock AC power cord and original factory shipping carton.

Price is $2500 if buyer pays via friends and family, otherwise add 3% for paypal without friends and family.  I will cover shipping costs and insurance within the continental US at asking price.  


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