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Paul Hynes SR-7 Turbo dual rail power supply

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Paul Hynes SR-7 Turbo dual rail power supply

This item was purchased new for over $3,000 around four months ago.  Prices were raised recently and it would cost quite a bit more to purchase today.


Although I purchased it around for months ago, I just received it recently and have used it for three days.  It is like new.


It is a dual rail unit.  Each rail has 12v,9v,7v,5v options.  Each rail is galvanically isolated.  EVERY single upgrade has been included including Turbo on both rails and OCC silver one meter leads.


My price includes worldwide shipping and pay pal fees.  The unit is 115v/230v adjustable.


Please check my excellent feedback at head-fi.  my username is  "rsbrsvp"






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