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Sistrum Platforms SP-101 stand + free coupling discs

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Sistrum Platforms SP-101 stand + free coupling discs

The best stand I've ever used. Great for supporting a big amp between speakers. Rock solid construction and in great condition. I paid $100 extra to have one of the leg shorter so that it can support oversized or irregular sized amplifier. I noticed on of the cone has a scratch and tried to reflect that in the picture. Not noticeable in regular room condition.

Included free: 3 brass Audio Point coupling discs

Please add 3% for PayPal. I STRONGLY prefer local pickup from NYC as I do not have the original packaging and do not have anything appropriate for packing.


Total Height: 8"
Outside Width:26.75"
Rod Height:6.00"
Shelf Height:.3125" (5/16" )
Shipping Weight:18 lbs

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    475.00 USD
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