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Voxativ Absolut Alberich system - Dual Subs + HE Speakers + Super integrated

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Voxativ Absolut Alberich system - Dual Subs + HE Speakers + Super integrated

Nearly brand new (received in February), this system took 3 months to manufacture (ordered in December). Not even broken in.




Voxativ's legendary Hagen speakers got the 9.87 treatment with a pair of super fast subwoofers powered by 500w amplifiers each. Their Absolut super integrated amplifier incorporates a streamer, world class DAC, DSP (running at 24/196) and a 50 wpc class A/B amplifier in one beautifully designed box; the DSP matched perfectly to the Hagen/Alberich drivers. 


The resulting music is pure magic, leading them to win a few awards here and there. And tinkerers need not worry. The system keeps paying back as you experiment with speaker input vs. line; ethernet vs. wireless; isolating feet, other DACs, amplifiers, etc. The Piano Black looks gorgeous as well.


Sadly for me, in the time it took the system to manufacture, I moved to an apartment with a much, much smaller living/listening room and the Alberich system is beyond overkill. Time to find a loving home for the system and build out a headphone rig!


Asking price includes:


  • 2x Hagen Monitors
  • 2x Alberich Bass Modules


  • 1x Absolut Amplifier Box
  • 1x Remote Control


  • 3x Power Cables (Basic)
  • 1x Pair of 12 ft Black Series RCA interconnects (from Absolut to Alberich)


  • 8x Spikes between Hagen and Alberich
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Microfiber Cloth

--- MSRP was $19,799 + $450 shipping to the US ---


Asking $15,250, at which I will cover shipping for all 3 boxes within the continental US. Thanks!

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    15,250.00 USD
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