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What non-Klipsch center to pair with Klipsch rp600m

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Finally getting around to buying some decent speakers for my vinyls, music and home cinema. Have been using a friends old speakers and an upgrade will certainly be something.

Whilst the main focus is definitely music, I wanna set up surround sound for movies and TV. My main focus is therefore buying good front speakers. I quite like the sound of the Klipsch rp600m and found a good deal (but open to other suggestions). But the 600c speakers are quite bulky and would take up quite a lot of space. As my living room is quite narrow I dont want a TV stand (or a very small one). Ideally I will hang my TV on the wall.

But the conventional wisdom is that you buy the front three from the same company. Does it make a very big difference? Do you have any suggestions for slimmer and more discreet center speakers that would work well with klipsch?

I already have a ONKYO tx-nr686 receiver, my surround sounds will be old B&W 200 series speakers and my sub is a old Yamaha (will upgrade next but in a few months)

Any help is much appreciated!

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I would look at getting a third RP600m...from the images it is about half the size of the center channel 600.

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