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Campfire Audio Cascades just arrived today...

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I have recently owned the LCD-XC, the LCD-X, Anandas, Aeon 2 closed, and Teak EMU headphones. All felt a bit flat and boring as stock.

I hate EQ and prefer to use equipment that sounds good without needing EQ 

I recently got the newest revision of the Meze 99 Classics, and, wow, what a breath of fresh air. Bright, yet amazing, punchy bass that dips low enough to make my Extreme Metal sound amazing. I think I found my new favorite sound profile.

Naturally wanting to upgrade from the Meze 99 Classics, I thought that the Campfire Audio Cascades would be that upgrade.

The 2020 edition of the Cascades arrived today along with a gorgeous 8ft SXC 8 1/4" cable.

At first I was scared that the bass hump was gonna ruin any details or mids that are important to me in my Metal. After changing between the 1T and 4T filters I was even more worried and everything was still artificially warm.

I then decided to carefully remove the stock bottom white filters and THEN swap between the 1T and 4T. I can now say that the mids and highs are now revealed and bright and sound amazing. I’ll have to decide between the 2 filters, but both sound amazing and are the sound profile I was hunting for - so that’s epic!

I may pick up the cloth pads as that will naturally absorb some of the bass and let the mids and highs shine.

Here’s a pic of my current equipment that I’m powering the Cascades with. I think I’m gonna love them!!!

Also, here’s the type of music I listen to: 



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