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Article: Audiophile Style Podcast: Episode 13 | Pt. 1 Grammy Winner Bill Schnee Interview

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For those who've listened to this episode, you'll understand these photos. A friend just sent these to me. They are from the AES convention Bill talked about on the show. One is of me with the test pressing of Shelby Lynne's Tear, Lies, & Alibis that Sunny Nam gave me and the other is me with Doug Sax. This was the room where the presentation was given that Bill discussed on the show. 


Sorry for the blurred imaged, but it's all that exists and I'll take 'em. 





Founder of Audiophile Style

Announcing The Audiophile Style Podcast

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Congratulations to such a great interview, Chris! I agree the best episode of your podcasts series yet, keep them coming...!




Best Regards, Raimund


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Home Office

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Great podcast Chris.  When I saw this podcast come up I immediately thought of that incredible piano recording that Bill played at CES about 5 yrs ago (Andrew Jones hosted TAD event in one of the large parlor rooms upstairs at the Venetian).  I sat mesmerized at this 24/192 recording, and turned to Dick Olsher sitting next to me and told him I'd never heard the sound of piano recorded THAT realistically before.  He agreed wholeheartedly.  Oh, I want to hear that again!!  As Bill says in the podcast, all he needs is some funding.  I'll pitch in.  😎

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Really great episode!  The reference to credits was so spot on IMHO.  Most people don't care and its just consumption (mostly free streaming) but the sheer amount of work required to create a song, let alone an entire album, should be appreciated and recognized, at least to some degree.  Again IMHO. 


Even the metadata - I'll never understand when buying a digital album, all that is included in the metadata is "artist name, song title and genre".  Pisses me off to no end.  Rant off 😉.


Cant wait for part 2, great job Chris, thank you.

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Enjoyed it (part 2 also).

One niggly note: he refers more than once to working on Ringo's first album. That was actually Ringo's third solo album. The first was produced by George Martin and the second by Pete Drake.

Main listening (small home office):

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Living Room/Kitchen: RPi 3B+ running RoPieee to a pair of Morel Hogtalare. 

All absolute statements about audio are false :)

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