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New Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M - fuzzy mid range

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Firstly I’m wondering if anyone has experienced the new CA dm 200m?

Ive bought one recently, theres a surprise as that could only be the case : ),

I think, generally you either like something on first listen or you dont.

I have to say it just didnt grab me and I found it add this odd, if only slight, fuzz or distortion on some vocals and guitar.

it wasn’t excessive but enough to put you off and not really like the sound.

There seemed to be a lack of sound stage as well?

I previously had an Audio Mdac mini. Fab extensive sound stage but slightly to bright and lacked bass but a pleasing sound.

It seems to have died and now not recognised as a device. Rip : (

The point is this didn’t have the ‘fuzz’?

I got another unit as an AB test from CA, after creating a big fuss!, and that sounded slightly worse. I thought there might be a burn in time, but even so the fuzz seemed a bit beyond the time any burn in should take. Im not entirely sure about dac burn in anyway?

Actually just done a comparison with my old DAC 6x and although slightly sharp, it was just a more exiting listen, the CA was just bland!

Any thoughts?



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Hmm, I'd say try another Cambridge, if you can, and see whether it's the same.

If it is then the Cambridge is not for you. It's only you that you are trying to please, so if the sound isn't for you, then it's not for you. Return it if you can, sell it if you can't return it, and move on.

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My thoughts exactly!

I was curious about other peoples opinions. Sometimes just a quick response just lets you gain perspective on things

Amazing isnt it. I went back and tried my old fiio 10k olympus and although its a bit rough around the edges. It just had a more exciting sound.

Thanks Appreciated



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I'm reminded of hearing a CA setup some years ago at a dealer; and I tried a chamber music CD that I often use for checking things out - this recording can have quite a rough edge to the string tone if the system is below par; but in this instance it presented a very smooth, almost lush quality to the playback! So, to me it seems that the brand is deliberating adding quite a bit of 'smoothing' signature to the sound - which, personally, I don't want. There will then always be recordings where what they're doing by distorting the signal will clash with the content - and it will sound worse, or irritate.






Over and out.



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Thanks fas42

sounds like (pun ha!) you’ve hit the nail on the head.

It was the rough guitar and vocals where the fuzz was noticeable.

Its difficult time buying things at the moment when you cant listen to things in a retail environment and even then demo tapes can completely mislead you.

Dam those reviews : ( 

Strange thing is some of the reviews commented on how large the sound stage was and I found the complete opposite. Its the most confined i’ve ever heard.

I found it was just a music killer and like listening to bbc radio 4 on a Sunday afternoon!

Anyhow.... Great therapy this : ) Gets it all of you’re chest : )



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