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Upgrade to RPi 3b+ BOSS + Volt

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Hi, I am looking for some advice on upgrades to my current setup. I have an RPi 3b + Boss 1.2 + Volt + Dali Sensor 1 speakers, with a standard SMPS for RPI+BOSS and Allo PS for Volt. My current sound quality is definitely lacking, I can hear very low noise when close to speakers. I think about buying Nirvana for Boss but I want to know.


1) Is there a point to power RPI from my current SMPS, use the Allo Isolator, and Nirvana only for Boss? (Isolator is out of stock so whether to wait or not)

2) Is there a way to connect a TV with Allo Boss ? The TV has optical digital out only.

3) Is there a point to ditch VOLT for a standalone power amp if my limit for the unit is 400 EUR? I assume there should be no issue connecting BOSS with the amp using RCAs, right?

4) Anything else I am not thinking about?



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