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2 hours ago, intothedragon said:

What are your thoughts about this PSU upgrade on the Node2i?

 Changing the internal SMPS with an external one 😀


I do believe a good power supply can help. Actually quite sure. Hard to comment on this one. If you know voltage requirements on that molex connector, you could probably use dual ? external power supplies and have Ghent make special cable. 

I guess I good 5VDC PS from Farad or Paul Hynes is probably the way to go instead of that Meanwell supply. 

So you have a Node ? And considering this upgrade ?

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2 hours ago, R1200CL said:

So you have a Node ? And considering this upgrade ?

Yes, I have a Node2i. I'm not considering this upgrade since I use the digital output and my external DAC and a better PSU won't have any impact in sound quality while transmitting data. 

But this Polish PSU indeed made a lot of difference when using the Node2i internal DAC 

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11 hours ago, musicguy said:

Can anyone post their results.  analog out vs digital out?


I have a node 2i.  and found a review said it made little difference to the digital side.


I only use my node 2i as a digital transport


m usiguy

It won’t have any differences in the digital input since it’s only transmitting data from the Node to your external DAC. You can put as many improvements on power supply you want but it won’t ever change the data transmission. It will always be 010101010101 binary.  

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  • 2 years later...

I’m considering the PSU upgrade for my Node 2i.  But I’ve never added a power supply to anything before.  So, I’m wondering which one to go for.  I’ve heard of 3.  Teddy Pardo, Allo Shanti and Sbooster.  I’m sure there are others.  All feedback and recommendations much appreciated.  


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