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Vegan Music.?

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I must say I'm highly impressed x-D

(out of curiosity I've done the math  - in case of this clip alone the guy has made about $200k since it's been on youtube - a little more than one year - IMO absolutely deservedly! :D)



One more.




BTW asking myself if non-vegan covers like that are possible and only bones come to mind..B|



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  • sphinxsix changed the title to Vegan Music.?

There's actually this vegan physician who released an album (both CDs and LPs)






One of his patients actually saw him performing in a club, and then it's a wicked funny story afterwards





“At the time, I was working at the psychiatric ward in GW Hospital. One patient had a serious eating disorder. She was allowed to go home on the weekend, but she’d have to come back in on Monday morning. So one Saturday night, I was in the dressing room at the 9:30 Club, getting ready to go on stage, and in walked my patient,” Barnard recalled. “She looked at me and couldn’t believe it. Here was her doctor at the 9:30 Club with a guitar. I said hi, but she just left. Monday morning I arrived at the hospital and one of the attending physicians grabbed me and said, ‘Neal, we have a serious problem…your patient is de-compensating rapidly, we need to start her on medication right away. She’s now hallucinating. She thinks she saw you performing at the 9:30 Club in a punk band.’”


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LOL - I made it on this page with this topic 😁





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