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Noise when playing SACDs on high-end CD/SACD player/DAC

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We’re experiencing noise when playing SACDs. The noise is like frying eggs and bacon or heavy rain and makes all our SACDs unlistenable.

I’ve read that DSD noise-shaping moves quantisation noise from the audio band above the audio band. I’ve also read that “this is well-known for sigma-delta based modulators like that used for DSD, and if there is insufficient low-pass filtering at the output of the player, the HF noise can cause problems with some amplifiers, especially tube ones” from what I gather are intermodulation effects.

The high-end CD/SACD player is indeed driving a tube analogue crossover.

Why are tube amplifiers or crossovers susceptible to this problem?

We had the same problem with an earlier version of the high-end CD/SACD player and the manufacturer fixed it by implementing a brick-wall filter. With this new model the manufacturer (or their local representatives) either won’t or are unable to implement such a fix.

Current plan is to do an FFT on the output of the player. If we can capture noise outside the audio band and present it to the manufacturer maybe we can get some action.

Has anyone else had a problem with SACD/DSD playback?

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